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Airlines are in the business of making money, but that shouldn’t impact our experience as passengers. Many countries have laws to protect and compensate the passenger when something goes wrong during their journey.

Many of you are probably familiar with EU 261/2004, a law that lays out a compensation scheme for passenger inconveniences on all flights departing from Europe OR from abroad to Europe on a European airline. The UK has a very similar law called UK 261. Even in the US, the DOT has begun to regulate the airlines’ approach to passenger rights under the FlightRights.gov campaign.

The problem is when something does happen that requires action, airlines tend to lie and will give you incorrect information about the reason for delays — anything to avoid paying. There is no oversight for this, and the only information available on how to proceed from a compensation denial is generally from websites that are trying to extract money from you.

We at Air Disputes, however, don’t want your money. We simply want to help you get what you deserve under the law, while simultaneously holding airlines accountable publicly for their actions.

If you think you’re due compensation by an airline and they have denied your claim, contact us to figure out what the next step should be. If we think the airline is acting unfairly, we will help you get your due compensation and then cover the incident in our blog for all to see.

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